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segunda-feira, 18 de abril de 2011

Mobile Learning Lesson Plans - 3

Continuamos a compartilhar lições com celulares para a sala de aula. A dica é da scholastic!
Lesson Plan 3: Periodic Table Ringtones and Review
Students will use their cell phones to create ringtone raps and jingles about chemical elements from the periodic table. They will be able to download these tunes to their cell phones so they can use them as a way to review the periodic elements. They can set up their phones so that each of their contacts has a different element ringtone. Each time their cell phone rings, they get an instant review!

Students will...

•describe the atomic structure of an element.
•identify common physical properties and uses of elements within a family.
•demonstrate their understanding of a chemical element and its properties, discovery, and everyday use by creating a song.
Cell phone (basic or smart) with the capability to take pictures and make phone calls
Computer with Web access (site accessed:

1. The teacher sets up an account at
2. The teacher makes a handout with the voicemail number to give to the students.


1. The teacher goes over mobile safety and appropriate use before beginning this lesson.
2. The teacher assigns each pair of students a chemical element.
3. Students research and learn about their chemical element: its properties, the element group, facts, its discovery, and how it is used in everyday life.
4. The students write a jingle or rap based on their chemical element.
5. Using the teacher handout, students call in to the voicemail number at the account (that the teacher created) and sing or rap their jingle. They can use sound effects or have background music as well.
6. Once all students have called in their songs, they will be able to send the songs to their individual cell phones via
7. Students can click on the jingle, then click on the More arrow, then click on Send-to Cell Phone.
8. Students can load some or all of the jingles/raps onto their phones. They can make each of their contacts a different rap or jingle, so that every time their cell phone rings they get an instant elements review!


•The teacher can team up with the school's music teacher to help students put together more complex raps and jingles that fulfill music requirements.
•• If students have an iPhone, they can use The Band application to create their song.

Hints and Tips:

•Since there are many elements, the teacher may want to give students four or five elements and ask them to address each element in their song.
•Students should keep their songs shorter than 30 seconds because some cell phones will not allow ringtones longer than 30 seconds.
•If students cannot upload the ringtones to their cell phones, they can plug their MP3 players into the computer and download them from to put on their players for review.

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10 Weeks

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